Friday, September 12, 2008

Finders Keepers

I've been reading a collection of prose by Seamus Heaney entitled Finders Keepers and I came across this -- "...poets themselves are finders and keepers, that their vocation is to look after art and life by being discoverers and custodians of the unlooked for." i think that from now on (though I'm no poet) i'll put on my IRS form that my occupation is "discoverer and custodian of the unlooked for." I just think it's such a beautiful, beautiful description of how neglected the power and the presence of the gospel is. i know this may sound weird (oh yeah) - but a few days ago i was walking down broadway in the 3000 block. a group of women i know were sitting on the porch at one of their homes. i greeted them "how are ya?" i called. and together they responded in unity and harmony as if the conductor had brought down her arm -- together they said, together they sang -- "fine." just another little bit of the unlooked for present in the world.