Thursday, June 26, 2008

Conor's Brain Surgery

Tomorrow Conor will have brain surgery at Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis. He had a good evening. He seems to be doing very well. Dr. Cohen, his neurosurgeon, stopped by the house this evening. He showed us some of the images of Conor's brain. They were interesting to see.

It's a strange time. Every moment we have is, of course, fragile. Yet tonight, these days, we feel it more than usual. As I was washing dishes, I broke a glass in the sink as it fell out of my hands. Another reminder. It seems like lots of those reminders around us today.

But there has also been another reminder as family and friends and acquaintances have reached out and offered friendship, presence, and care. And while this time has felt very fragile -- it has also felt very rich. That hasn't made it seem less fragile...just less alone.